What we provide.

We deal with all the major server brands like HP, DELL, and LENOVO. Servers are mainly classified as three types Rack Server, Tower Server and Blade Server.

Rack Servers

Rack servers are designed to power both your interconnected and standalone systems while maximising performance across the broadest variety of applications.

Tower Servers

Because of their performance, flexibility, and quiet operation, tower servers are the best solution for small, large, and remote enterprises. Small towers to platforms with rack support are available in a variety of sizes.

How Servers Are Useful

Servers are designed to resolve issues in the modern office environment. Acoustics that are silent, undetected, and have small form factors.

A tower server is a computer designed to be used as a server and is constructed in the shape of a cabinet. It is distinct from a computer’s standard CPU but resembles one. A rack server is a computer that is intended to be installed in a rack framework and is exclusively used as a server. Another name for this server is a rack-mounted server.

To facilitate desktop-oriented operations, desktop computer systems often run an intuitive operating system and desktop apps. A server, on the other hand, controls all network resources. Servers are often dedicated for a specific task.  A server is more dependable than a desktop computer and offer a variety of capabilities and hardware not normally found in the average desktop computer because it is designed to handle, store, send, and process data 24 hours a day.

Even though servers have more potential for expansion at the top end, they are not always more powerful than PCs. High end servers have greater storage, more RAM slots, and a better throughput than a conventional PC.

You must consider both physical security and software security when it comes to server security. Securing a server is similar to protecting a standard computer in terms of software. The majority of issues can be avoided by using a high-quality antivirus application and keeping the operating system updated and patched. The location of your server will have a significant impact on its physical security.