private cloud

What we provide.

These cloud services are computing services that are provided to a small number of customers only through a private internal network or the Internet as opposed to the general public.


An enterprise can execute its workloads in isolation from every other user of the public cloud by using a virtual private cloud, which is a walled-off environment within a public cloud. The virtual logic makes sure that a user’s computer resources are not public even while the server is shared by other businesses. A VPC can be used by businesses to facilitate the implementation of hybrid clouds.


The servers are not shared with other businesses in a hosted private cloud environment. Although the server is used by a single company, the service provider configures the network, maintains the hardware, and upgrades the software.


This environment is merely a hosted one in which the cloud service provider maintains every part of the cloud for the enterprise, as well as the deployment of extra services like identity management and storage. This choice is suitable for businesses that lack the personnel necessary to independently administer private cloud infrastructures.

Data is kept secure in the private cloud thanks to internal hosting and firewalls. Additionally, it makes sure that third-party suppliers cannot access important or operational data.

A significant advantage of this over public clouds is increased security. All data is saved and managed on servers that are not accessible to any other firm. This significantly enhances data privacy. If the servers are on-site, an internal IT team manages them.

They are perfect for a wide range of businesses, including enterprise-level companies that need to store enormous volumes of data and government agencies that need a safe setting in which to conduct critical operations.

Hosted private clouds can be expensive even when they are not completely owned by the user. In a hosted setup, the service provider handles routine network configuration and maintenance.