What we provide.

Due to its size and power requirements, a computer is a personal desktop computer intended for frequent usage at a single place on or near a desk. We deal with all the major brands like HP, DELL, and LENOVO. 


While there are many other CPUs available, AMD and Intel are the two companies that produce the majority of them. Generally speaking, Intel processors perform better but cost more than AMD processors.  


Memory, or RAM, has a substantial impact on the speed and performance of a computer. As RAM is added, performance improves. Experts recommend at least 8 gigabytes of RAM, however 16 GB allows for quicker performance. 

Desktop Monitors

Despite the fact that some all-in-one computers come with built-in monitors, you still need to think about the screen’s quality. The majority of monitors on the market today are based on LCD technology, with price and size being the only real variations.

A Latter must remain in one location because it is more larger, heavier, and requires constant mains power. On the other hand, a laptop features a battery that enables use even when it is not plugged in. They can be carried anywhere because they are portable and lightweight.

The second meaning of the word is provided by the top of this desk. This computer is one that you use at your desk as opposed to a laptop, which is one that fits on your lap. A phone or media player would be a portable computer.

It is the best option if you want a machine with lots of flexibility. Large files may be stored on it, and high-quality graphics games can be played with ease. You can also modify desktops to suit your needs. To enhance your computing experience, you can upgrade to a better graphics card, additional RAM, and storage.

They are smaller and lighter than full-size computers in both size and weight. Compared to full-size desktops, compact desktop machines are typically less expensive and less powerful. Comparable to full-size desktop computers in appearance are compact PCs.