What we provide.

Citrix Systems is an American international cloud computing and virtualization technology firm.

Citrix Secure Browser service

By integrating web browsing into your workspaces while isolating it and protecting the corporate network from browser-based dangers, you can use the Citrix Secure Browser service. When users access the Workspace URL, their published browsers as well as any apps and desktops configured in other Citrix Cloud services are shown.

Citrix Endpoint Management

Citrix Endpoint Management allows you to manage device and app policies while maintaining precise identity, device, app, data, and network security. Integration with Citrix Workspace is handled differently for new and returning customers. 

Citrix Gateway service

Citrix Secure Private Access is used with the Citrix Gateway service for a fully cloud-hosted environment under Citrix management. This is a service that offers external access to workplaces that are based on a complex policy architecture, resulting in a unified experience for SaaS apps, Virtual Apps, and Desktops.

Using a proxy server, you can connect agents to Citrix ADM. The agents deliver all of their data to the proxy server, which then transmits it over the internet to the Citrix ADM.
Use the proxy script to enter the proxy server information on the agent and then follow the script’s on-screen prompts to enter additional information to transmit data using the proxy server.

You don’t need to add a second disc, either. The agent’s sole purpose is to act as a go-between for instances located in your company’s data centre or the cloud and the Citrix ADM. It doesn’t keep analytics or inventory information that would need a separate disc.

The Citrix Workspace platform, which provides the most comprehensive and integrated workspace to allow people to securely access their web apps, SaaS, Windows, Linux, and mobile apps, desktops, and data, is the entrance to the industry’s first unified digital workspace.

To provide its clients with a virtual desktop to distant personnel and other users, Citrix Server leverages Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Citrix Systems are a business that enables workers to securely access desktops and programmes from a distance as if they were on their own computer.