business analytics

What we provide.

We offer business analytics intelligence solutions to small and medium business using SAP Crystal presentation Design tools. The major advantage is we can offer you solutions with your and existing data and without changing your IT platform. 

Descriptive analytics

Data aggregation and data mining are two crucial descriptive analytics methods for examining historical data and identifying patterns and trends. Descriptive analytics is more focused on describing the past than drawing conclusions or forecasting the future from its results.

Predictive analytics

With Citrix Endpoint Management, you can manage device and app rules while upholding exact security for identities, devices, applications, data, and networks. Integration with Citrix Workspace is handled differently for both new and current clients.

Prescriptive Analytics

The next phase of predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, creates the impression that the future can be altered. With the use of prescriptive analytics, actions are generated that are likely to maximize important business KPIs and recommendations are given regarding potential consequences. Using simulation and optimization, the question of what a corporation should do is answered.

Using SAP Crystal presentation Design tools, we provide business information solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. The main benefit is that we can provide you with solutions using your and existing data without modifying your IT infrastructure. You will receive the output dash boards and analyses in Adobe Flash and Adobe Acrobat formats. We enhance Your Microsoft Excel-based data’s visual clarity. Your data from Excel is converted to Dash boards so you may perform what-if analysis. This enables you to make quicker judgments that are well-informed.Use the proxy script to enter the proxy server information on the agent and then follow the script’s on-screen prompts to enter additional information to transmit data using the proxy server.

Interactive and captivating data visualisations are produced through dynamic charts and graphs, including pie charts and bar charts.
In your company, there are numerous spread sheets that provide various types of data. You can visualise all the data from spread sheets using dashboards. Your KPI Visual analytics can be used to model and simplify key performance metrics.
Utilizing interactive graphic tools, budgeting is done.

Data analysis, statistical models, and other quantitative techniques are used in business analytics (BA), a collection of disciplines and technology. It entails a rigorous, iterative examination of the data within an organisation with a focus on statistical analysis to inform decision-making.

Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics are the three most popular types of analytics, and they all work together to give businesses the most out of their big data. These analytics methods all offer a different viewpoint.