AWS offers a variety of IT partner services to help businesses with their cloud adoption journey. These services include:

  1. Consulting Partner Services: AWS consulting partners provide guidance and best practices on how to design, migrate, and optimize your workloads on AWS. They also offer training and support to help you with your cloud adoption journey. 
  1. Managed Services Providers (MSPs): MSPs help manage your AWS infrastructure, applications, and services, providing 24/7 monitoring, support, and management of your cloud environment. They also offer proactive advice on cost optimization and performance improvement. 
  1. System Integrator (SI) Services: AWS SIs help integrate your existing IT systems with AWS, ensuring seamless integration and operation of your applications and services in the cloud. They also provide expertise in areas such as security, compliance, and governance. 
  1. Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Services: AWS ISVs offer cloud-based solutions and services that are specifically designed to run on AWS. They also provide support and maintenance services to ensure that their applications run smoothly on AWS. 
  1. Training and Certification Services: AWS offers training and certification services to help IT professionals and organizations gain the necessary skills and knowledge to design, deploy, and operate applications and services on AWS. AWS also provides resources to help partners build and grow their cloud practices. 

Overall, AWS IT partner services offer a range of options to help businesses with their cloud adoption journey, from initial planning and design to ongoing management and optimization of their cloud infrastructure and applications. 

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