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Server Monitoring  

Monitor your server and ensure high uptime and performance. Your business needs servers run at their optimum speed and run without down time. Monitoring the components like CPU usage, memory utilization, processes, data growth, disk I/O will help you to achieve the same. Detailed reports on these parameters will help us to take timely actions. We need to get send E-mail or SMS alarms to act upon. Smart monitoring services ensure the deployment of right software tools for the environment and skilled resources.

Application Server Monitoring  

We ensure that the performance of your business applications are not compromised. We monitor the Key performance indicators which includes Memory Usage, health of the hardware which is being used by the application. We ensure that the issues if any are taken care and fixed to ensure that the application is up and running throughout. We support application servers like JBOSS, Sharepoint

Database Monitoring  

We can help monitor a heterogeneous database server environment, we support My SQL, Oracle Databases, MS SQL, Sybase. We ensure you have high availability of database servers. High availability of Database server means your productivity is higher. We analyse the health and performance of the database server to make sure it is up and running all the time.

Storage Monitoring  

Our experienced Geeks can help you monitor directory size, disk usage, file count, file presence, file size, S.M.A.R.T. status, RAID array status etc. By using our service we can ensure Fast detection of storage subsystem problems, early detection of potential future failures, Thereby reducing the unexpected downtime as always.

Webserver Monitoring  

Do you hear complaints from your customers who use your website regularly that it is slow? Smartsoft can offer you Monitoring service for your Web server to make sure minimal down time and issues. We can check the health of the hardware and can fix if there are any issues to offer your customers the best response time. We identify the actual reason behind a downtime with Root Cause Analysis so as to give you the best result.

Network Monitoring  

Now a days networks are becoming even more complex over time, having a robust network monitoring solution in place is crucial. Smartsoft can offer you skilled personals who can monitor your network performance, detect faults and errors in real-time and even troubleshoot them and fix them to ensure max up time

Cloud Monitoring  

We Monitor your virtual workspace and help you with increased server, services, and application availability. Our skilled personals are capable of monitoring a variety of servers and operating systems in the virtual space.


  • Planning the appropriate system needs of a company
  • Installing the appropriate systems
  • Providing support for the systems throughout the working day
  • Solving problems connected to the network and the systems
  • Monitoring the network efficiency
  • Performing regular backups and restoring information if necessary
  • Applying patches and updates
  • Identifying the needs of the company and assessing whether they are being met by the current system
  • Planning security measures
  • Implementing security measures
  • Monitoring security measures and making sure the system is not coming under attack
  • Ensuring that all the separate elements of the system are working together properly
  • Educating company employees about computer security
  • Performing light programming
  • Managing and planning projects related to the systems
  • Training other IT staff
  • Providing easy to understand advice for company employees
  • Setting up user accounts and retrieving information including passwords and account user names
  • Monitoring the storage capabilities of the system
Technical Resources
  • Network Performance Monitor
  • Server & Application Monitor
  • Database Performance Analyzer
  • Virtualization Manager
  • Log & Event Manager
  • Network Configuration Manager
  • Storage Resource Monitor
  • Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack