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Smartsoft is a Certified Microsoft Partner and we can help your department or entire enterprise easily overcome the hurdles inherent in transitioning to a virtual workplace.

Our solution can offers a highly scalable and trustworthy platform where small-sized enterprises and branches can easily obtain substantial benefits generated by the powerful cloud computing capability and do not need to face the complexity occurred during solution planning and implementation.

High availability with HyperV

Are you looking for high availability for your servers? We can make it possible with Microsoft HyperV.

Failover clustering contributes to high availability by reducing the impact of host down time on guests. If a non-clustered Hyper-V host fails, its guests are offline until the host can be recovered or its contents restored to a replacement system. If a clustered host fails and there is sufficient capacity across the surviving nodes, all guests are re-activated within seconds. This cuts the unexpected downtime of a virtual machine to a fraction of the expectation of a physical system.

Upgrade / roll over upgrade from win server 2012/2016 to win server 2019

Are you looking someone who you can trust completely to upgrade your win server to Windows Server 2019 from older versions? Yes, you have reached the right place where we have well experienced expert technicians who can help you do this without any mess and stress. We can do it even if it is from windows server 2012 by roll over upgrade.

VMware to HyperV

Now migrate to Microsoft Hyper-V without banging your head on your desk. We will take care of all the things you need. Only thing you need to do is give your requirement and you are OK for us to start working. Everything is on us until we hand over the successful end-product.