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High availability with VMware

Worried about the failed virtual machines?

Put a full stop to your worries. High availability of your VM is made possible with “VMware vSphere HA” a utility included in VMware's vSphere software that can restart failed virtual machines (VMs) on alternative host servers to reduce application downtime

Advantages in short

Minimize downtime and IT service disruption while eliminating the need for dedicated stand-by hardware and installation of additional software.

Provide uniform high availability across the entire virtualized IT environment without the cost and complexity of failover solutions tied to either operating systems or specific applications.

Disaster recovery solutions with VMware site recovery manager

For the disaster recovery it does not require that both sites be up and running, for example if the protected site goes offline unexpectedly. During a disaster recovery operation, failure of operations on the protected site is reported but is otherwise ignored.

For example

  • At the protected site, Site Recovery Manager shuts down virtual machines cleanly and synchronizes storage, if the protected site is still running.
  • Site Recovery Manager powers on the replicated virtual machines at the recovery site according to a recovery plan.